Portland District: Water Matters


Portland District’s 1200+ employees know the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is much more than dams, bridges and other building projects. People outside the Corps often don’t realize that we also help minimize flood damage, restore habitat and ecosystems, and keep river channels navigable. We have produced a video to help tell Portland District’s story. It briefly identifies all the areas where you’re working to serve the needs of the Pacific Northwest and the Nation. Share it with your family, friends and others who, at one point or another, have probably asked you about your job and what the Corps does. This is a great resource to include in your presentations and to share with private organizations, local community groups and schools to educate them about what the Corps is doing to support our way of life.

You, and they, can find the Portland District’s story on our website at www.nwp.usace.army.mil.