Commander’s Column – District Success

Portland District Commander Col. Jose L. Aguilar

Portland District Commander Col. Jose L. Aguilar

By Col. Jose L. Aguilar, Portland District Commander

Thank you for your tremendous contribution to the success of the District’s mission this past year. We met our obligation to the American people by providing engineering solutions to complex problems – all of you had a hand in making this happen.

Our higher headquarters, congressional delegations, state and local elected officials, industry partners and Tribal leadership continuously provide accolades for your professionalism and passion as you execute our mission. We must continue to nurture these great relationships while still working through complex problems with diverse viewpoints.

We are entrusted to deliver decisions which do not make everyone happy, but most understand our charge as given to us by Congress and the Administration – we are the honest broker. Additionally, you create a superb environment respectful of differing views, demanding of superior performance and sensitive to the human element in all of us. As a fellow team member, thank you for creating a climate which brings out the best in all of us.

The Corporate Board offsite was a superb event which allowed the District’s leadership to discuss several of the District’s pressing and multiple long range objectives. In addition to what I discussed in the previous column, we are taking actions to improve our acquisition strategy. This is not just a contracting and legal matter but a District effort to ensure we are operating within our legal and ethical parameters while we excel at delivering on our program. We also decided to stand up a KM/QMS/Technology initiative (thanks, LDP and others, for your contributions) and to encourage a culture of innovation. Finally, I will personally make an effort to host additional forums to interact with all of you to stay abreast of your concerns/observations/recommendations allowing me to work with our leadership to develop solutions to our collective challenges and to capitalize on opportunities.

History is an important element which influences our culture. It serves as a testament that our forefathers have performed some magnificent feats. It is a testament of what we can do and it should motivate us to commit to rise to any challenge. Please read the “Flood of 1964” stories within the pages of this issue. They provide a glimpse of what can happen in this region, and provide a shot of encouragement for whatever challenge you are dealing with in your job.

As we enter the Holiday Season, very soon many of us will take some well-deserved time with family. Enjoy your time, and don’t allow yourself to get stressed out. This is a joyous time, so please be safe in whatever you decide to do. We want to see everyone back safely in 2015.

Suzanne and I wish you a happy and safe Holiday Season.

Competence follows Character

Col. Jose Aguilar